Suffragettes February 18 1913



Mrs PANKHURST, who presided at a meeting of the Women’s Social and Political Union at the London Pavillion yesterday, referred to the golf course outrages. It was true, she said, that nobody was caught and nobody punished, but many people were much disturbed, and were filled with terror and consternation- much more consternation and terror than they would have felt if seven people or a dozen people, or perhaps even a hundred people, had been injured or been killed. They had realised that in modern times, in their present stage of civilisation, it was not human lives that mattered so much; it was property that mattered – enjoyment, sport, and money making. If they wanted to excite consternation and terror they must attack those. She went down to the country during the week-end for a rest. She rested in the week-end while others were working – (Laughter) – and she was rung up twice by indignant secretaries of golf clubs who wanted to know if something could not be done to stop what was going on. There was great indignation, she was told, and women members of golf clubs were going to be turned out. She was able to point out to the gentlemen who rang her up what a mistake in tactics that would be, because to turn out the women who had not done it in order to prevent those who had was not likely to stop it and was likely to aggravate the complaint. The security for their links would be not only to have women members but members of the Women’s Social and Political Union.

Two greens on the Clonmel golf links were dug up with spades during Sunday night and rendered useless for play. This is the second outrage on the same links of late. The outrages are said to be due to agrarian trouble, and not to the Suffragists.

A meeting of the Women’s Social and Political Union at the Chelsea Town Hall, to be addressed by Mrs. Pankhurst and Miss Brackenbury, has been extensively advertised for Friday evening next. The Finance Committee of the Borough Council, however, under the powers reserved to them by the conditions and regulations of letting, have cancelled the engagement and refunded the amount paid for the hire of the hall.



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