Suffragettes February 17 1913






Suffragists resumed their attacks on golf courses during Friday night or early Saturday morning, when several greens in the London district and on the East Coast and elsewhere were more or less damaged. In most instances pieces of turf were removed from the putting greens with a hand trowel, while in other phrase such as “Votes for Women,” “No Votes, No Golf,” and “No Surrender” were burnt in the turf with an acid. At Frinton-on-Sea the digging had been done so nearly that it was easy to replace the turf, but on other courses the damage was much more serious

Until recently a hundred caddies were employed to guard the Walton Heath Course, but these precautions having been relaxed the holes, from the sixth to the tenth inclusive, have been dug round, and a corrosive spread over the greens. Other courses which suffered were those of the Royal St. George1s Club at Sandwich, the Mid-Surrey Club in the Old Deer Park Richmond, the Raynes Park Club and those at Cromer, Sheringham, Clacton-on-Sea, Swinley Forest, near Ascot, Frinton-on-Sea, and Panteg, near Pontypool. On the West Essex Club’s course, near Chingford the holes were untouched, but the words “Justice before Sport” were cut into the turf on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh greens, in letters two inches deep and twelve inches wide, while small flags bearing Suffragist colours were planted in various places on the course.

At Bushey Hall the eleventh green was cut up, and some bottles and trowels were left behind. Some small flags were planted, one bearing the words “Janet Winston Green.” Little attention seems to have been paid to courses where actual competition were in progress. The Royal St. George’s Club had a meeting, but the damaged green is an old one, and those which were in use on Saturday were in excellent condition, and play on the Royal Epping Forest Club’s course, at Chingford, was not interfered with. At Cromer, where the grass was badly damaged, flags were stuck on the links bearing inscriptions “War on Government’s Measures,” “Women’s War,” and “Better be Hostile than Indifferent.” At Sheringham three women strangers to the district, were seen on the links on Friday and Saturday morning. Before leaving Sheringham for London on Saturday their names and addresses were taken.

Early on Saturday morning a green-keeper of the Acton Golf Club discovered that five of the greens at East Acton had been damaged. Garden trowels had been used to destroy large portions of turf on the greens. In one instance “Votes for Women” had been cut in the turf in letters two feet in size. For the same purpose a very strong and corrosive acid had been used, and six empty medicine bottles which had contained the liquid were left behind. It appears that servants sleeping at the club-house had been awakened at four o’clock in the morning by the sound of a motor-car drawing up in the vicinity. Women’s voices and subdued laughter were also heard, but the servants were unsuspicious of the occasion of the visit. The only clue left behind is a label on one of the bottles, giving the name and address of a chemist.

The greens of the Panteg Golf Links, Pontypool, were damaged early on Saturday morning to such an extent that play over portions of the course was rendered impossible. The words “Votes for Women” had been cut in the turf. Not only were the greens spoiled but the pavilion was broken into and bags containing sticks and clubs were ripped open and boots cut. Local Suffragists disclaim any knowledge of the outrage, which is the first of the kind in South Wales. The local police have the matter in hand, but no arrests have been made.

Two greens of the Stoke Poges Golf Club’s course were damaged. The turf had apparently been disturbed with gardeners` trowels, but it was not of a serious nature, and play was not interfered with. Papers were left bearing the words “Votes for Women..

When the letter-box at Charing-cross Post Office was being cleared at half-past two on Saturday afternoon it was found that a number of letters had been destroyed by green paint. It is presumed that the paint had been placed in the letter-box by militant Suffragists. No arrest has been made.




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