Suffragettes May 2 1913





Miss Annie Kenney was arrested yesterday at Dover on her return from Paris, where as stated in yesterday’s Morning Post, she had been on a visit to Miss Christabel Pankhurst. She left Paris on Wednesday afternoon, was kept under observation by representatives of Scotland Yard stationed in France, and arrested immediately she reached England on a charge of conspiring with the other defendants now in custody maliciously to cause damage to property. Miss Kenney was already under remand in another case.

Much curiosity was shown by the public in the raided offices in Kingsway. The shutters were up, and the police were busy in the early part of the day removing vanloads of books and other printed matter including bundles of old numbers of the Suffragette. A large crowd watched the proceedings from the other side of the street, but they were not allowed to gather near the offices. The authorities were occupied all day going through the large quantities of correspondence, £c., which they took away on the previous day. Much of it, it is believed, will be of importance in the forthcoming prosecutions.

The Suffragette was issued yesterday, but in a different form. It consisted of eight pages, of which the first was devoted to the one word “Raided.” It contained a full account of the raid an “impression” of the event “by one who was present,” and a report of the proceedings at Bow-street Police Court. The fourth page was entirely occupied by an article by Miss Christabel Pankhurst in justification of militancy.

The action of the Government in seizing the headquarters of the Union is merely, it is stated, the first move in a stern campaign for the repression of militancy. Within the past few days inquires had resulted in placing at the disposal of the authorities a mass of information regarding the plans of the militants. I it is known that the operations had not been wholly directed from Lincoln’s Inn House, most of the serious work being done in private houses of individual sympathisers or even in certain cafes frequented by adherents of the cause. A number of private houses, whose owners are under suspicion, are now being watched very closely. Special police officers have also been deputed to keep certain buildings in the provinces under observation.

The Labour Press Agency states that the police have secured a complete list of the anonymous subscribers to the funds of the Union during the last three years, and some of the names would create a sensation if they became public. For the moment no steps will be taken to proceed against the persons in question, but they will probably be warned. They will also be watched and future contributions to the funds of the militants will be followed by indictments for conspiracy.



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