Suffragettes March 22 1913



The Rev. R. J. CAMPBELL, speaking at yesterday morning’s service at the City Temple, said: “It seems to be acoustic law, the law of life manifestation, that all spiritual gain for the race has to be purchased by the willing sacrifices of individuals. The blood of Christ is still being shed in the suffering of those who give themselves in the service of ideal good, however variously that ideal good may be construed by those who glimpse it from afar. I know of no clearer instance of this at the present day than the movement of which the demand for women’s suffrage is one aspect out of many. To-day a new spirit is rising in the ranks of womanhood, a new ideal had dawned, a new hope, a new enthusiasm is taking possession of the souls of millions. Who can tell how much it portends for generation yet unborn? It is a word of God. You may blame this or that excess on the part of its individual adherents: you may get angry with them and condemn them; but assuredly you cannot stop this incoming tide of diviner life; for where the spirit of sacrifice is in the service of a highly impersonal end you behold something of the redeeming work of Chariest. And when the Home Secretary testified the other day in the House of Commons that nothing could exceed the heroism and self-devotion of the Suffragist whom the law obliged him to keep in prison, he but paid unconscious tribute to the principle which is the very core of the Christian Gospel. These women are in deadly earnest, so much so that, as this responsible Minister of the Crown declared, they would welcome death itself it that would secure the triumph of their cause. Be sure no cause can be resisted for ever which can produce such a spirit. It is a just and righteous cause which, like all other spiritual movements, will enter into its kingdom by the Cross.

The service was attended by a body of the Spiritual Militants, the new organisation founded a few week ago – by Dr. and Mrs. Stanton Coit. They wore their emblematic costume of mourning, with orange scarf. The Spiritual Militancy League relies on moral pressure alone, and employs no violent physical methods. In an interview after the sermon, Mr. Campbell questioned as to the Suffragists who employ physical force replied: “I am not prepared to condemn them.



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