Suffragettes April 14 1913




Mrs. Pankhurst was released on licence from Holloway Gaol on Saturday morning. On April 3 she was committed to prison under sentence of three years penal servitude. She immediately adopted hunger strike tactics, and refused food. Her meals were served in the cell daily, but no attempt at forcible feeding was made. The militants confidently predicted her release on Thursday, and anticipated that she would even be present at the Royal Albert Hall meeting in the evening. Her release on Saturday morning was due to the advice given by the prison doctors, and it is understood that the form of ticket-of-leave was not the normal one. A copy of it will be supplied for the inspection of members of the House of Commons to-day. Mrs. Pankhurst was removed in a cab to a nursing home at Pembridge-gardens, Bayswater, none of the women who were doing picket duty outside the prison being aware of the fact until she had passed them. The first announcement made was that she was in a “grave” condition, but this was subsequently modified to “feeble”. She was apparently, strong enough to see numbers of her subordinates in the militant movement, and was reported to be going on quite well yesterday. The nursing home is being closely watched by Scotland Yard men.

Prison life has now no novelty for Mrs. Pankhurst. Her first sentence was in February, 1908, when she received six weeks imprisonment for causing a disturbance in the House. In the following October she was sentenced to three months for inciting to riot. In the early part of last year came the famous conspiracy trial, when Mrs. Pankhurst was charged with Mr. And Mrs. Pethick Lawrence, and sentenced to nine months. She was released, however, after serving five weeks.



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