Miss Nightingale felt that military and civil hospital design was wrong, therefore making nursing inefficient. Patients suffered through lack of ventilation and drainage, infection spread with speed. In Paris she had learnt hospital construction in separate units, each unit complete with kitchen and laundries etc. Each unit was well ventilated, light and airy. In October 1858, she put her ideas into two papers, read to the Social Science Congress at Liverpool. Early in 1859 the paper were expanded and published in book form as `Notes on Hospitals`, which consisted of 108 pages. Miss Nightingale received many plans for new hospitals from many British cities and boroughs. The Government of India and the Queen of Holland also sent plans. She also gave advice to the King of Portugal for a new hospital in Lisbon. The only problem was that he had omitted to tell her that it was a children`s hospital, so she had to amend the plans.

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